1. Pancackewaffle

    CPU Temperature and transcoding difficulties

    Alright so I have somewhat of a hybrid system because I had it lying around (Dell XPS 730X, i7-965 @ 3.7 Ghz, 12 GB of DDR3 RAM, H2C cooling unit, 1000 watt PSU, USB boot drive, seperate jail HDD with a single storage HDD). I also did things while installing FreeNAS for the first time because...
  2. Jacopx

    [Plex] Transcoding 4K with strange LAG

    Buonasera everyones! :) I have changed a one of my Smart TV with a NEW Bravia 4K HDR, and, of course, I have tried to store a 4K from a remote server. This file have an high bitrate ~45 mbps. The connection in both place server and tv aren't bottleneck (Gigabit Optical Fiber). The server have a...
  3. D

    Plex change transcoder tmp folder not working

    Dear FreeNas Friends, I have plex running in a jail, can access the storage with all movies etc. but when I change the transcoder tmp folder, it doesn't transcode in it. I tried on FreeNas 11: 1.) added storage to: /media/tmp doesn't show transcoding 2.) went for the real path...
  4. F

    Subsonic 6.0_2 on FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 - Playing FLAC Files

    Just a quick one in case it helps anyone else out there. Hopefully someone will find this via a google search and clarifies what might be going on with their system if they use flac files in their music library. I installed the Subsonic Plugin and had it all set up. I was able to play mp3's...
  5. Wisdom

    Headphones + Subsonic/Transcoder

    Hey ya'll. I was looking to follow up a little on the comments mentioned in this thread, where Subsonic is used as the flac transcoder for headphones. Now, it seems like overkill to install an entire plugin just to get access to ffmpeg or lame for flac to mp3 conversion, but I'm willing to do...