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  1. Fire-Dragon-DoL

    SOLVED Concerning results with Breakin test, but not Memtest86?

    Hello, I'm in a weird situation. I ran memtest86 for 24 hours (more than 3 pass) and it yield no errors. Then, I start "Breakin" software suggested here: https://www.familybrown.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=fester:intro Which doesn't mention my E5 2650 v2 in the compatibility list. I get a FAIL on...
  2. K

    Memtest86 - Running on an existing zfs pool with data

    hi there! Due to some hardware replacements, I am planning to run Memtest86 on my existing freenas server (6TB data, 8gb RAM). So far the system has been running ok (though with non-ECC Ram, since my motherboard doesnt support it). Before I run this test, I just wanted to be sure that running...
  3. peter_cd.cn

    Test out my used FreeNAS Mini purchase

    Hi guys, I brought a used FreeNAS Mini on Ebay for about $560.00. It has missing disk trays, I am not sure what I will do about that yet... :D But my main question is how do I run test on its hardware and make sure it is still functioning? My plan is to, 1) clean it up, blow dust and wipe...
  4. Wizman87

    AIO ESXi+FreeNAS Whitebox Build

    Hello, there! I'm really new to the FreeNAS forums and wanted to personally thank everyone for all of their support here. FreeNAS is a really great community and I've been learning quite a lot from everybody! With that said, I had a couple of questions in regards to my upcoming all-in-one...