1. C

    Cloud sync task overlap behavior?

    I didn't really find anything in the documentation or other research, but what's the behavior if a cloud sync task overlaps itself? Say I have a task that runs weekly (starts midnight Sunday). If the cloud sync task runs long enough that the next week arrives, will the task start another sync or...
  2. L

    Cron does not output results when run on schedule despite settings.

    I have a cron running in Tasks > Cron Jobs. If from the GUI, i click the job and click "run now", it runs perfectly and outputs results to terminal and the system also sends text to another syslog server. "Redirect Stdout" and "Redirect Stderr" is not checked because they both say that checking...
  3. cozd74

    script post init

    on my freenas I connected a USB disk to backup the data of my volume, I have provided a startup script to mount the disk on the backup_usb folder at startup but it does not work although the script I have scheduled it as a task Postinit why?
  4. Q

    Unable to access replicated data

    Hi there, So, i am wanting to repurpose old server hardware for a offsite FreeNAS backup solution. In order for me to get the hang of the replication functions and limits I've installed FN11.1 in a VM. And so my journey started. The now situation: I am able to send snapshots over to my target...
  5. D

    running rsync Task (copy over SSH) how to check it status/stopped

    Hello, just wondering, I have a rsync task copying quite a big amount of data and wonder where I could see the status, of how much is done or if it is still running etc. Thanks for all your help