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    Best practices for System Dataset Pool location

    From what I've read, by default the System Dataset pool is the main pool. In order to allow the HDDs on that pool to spin down, can the system dataset be moved to say a USB pen? Even to the freenas-boot - perhaps periodically keeping a mirror/backup of that drive?
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    System dataset Pool - USB Mirror sinnvoll?

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe derzeit FreeNAS auf 2x 32GB USB-Sticks als mirror aufgesetzt. (mein Datenpool ist verschlüsselt und muss bei einen Reboot entsperrt werden) Unter System/System Dataset habe ist das Dataset "freenas-boot" ausgewählt. Nun habe ich im Handbuch gelesen das es nicht...
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    Separate slices and pool for System Dataset?

    I have a primary NAS with 4x6TB in RAIDZ2 and just got a second for backup with the same configuration. On both machines, the system dataset is on the main pool. When starting the replication, FreeNAS objected to the system dataset being on the replication target pool. This seemed to make sense...
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    SOLVED Noobie Question: How to access the automatically backed up system config db in the system dataset?!

    Hi All, I'm still learning my way round FreeNAS in my test VM. I'm currently making sure I know what to do if i have to recover the system from some kind of failure. Reading the forum, I'm aware that FreeNAS makes an automatic backup of the config db on the system dataset every morning at...