storage controller

  1. MrGamecase

    Fibre Channel 2 Truenas boxes

    Hi All, Firstly it's nice to be here :D & i apologise if i have posted this in the wrong section. I've got 2xDell R720xd - 24x 1.2G sas, 1x200G flash boot & 3.4G converted EMC Cache disk. [Came with QLogic 8GB FC cards].... in short 28 storage drives 2 cach disk & 2 boot disk 24x16G ram...
  2. S

    Drive spindown (DS3) through LSI firmwares 9207-8i / 9211-8i possible or not?

    Hi Im in the middle of a build, which has been a long story, which I'd rather not go in too much detail with here (it upsets my blood pressure :) ) - unless there's a real need for it. Roughly put, I have an ESX build, and a IBM M5015 raid card. After much time invested, and in the end...
  3. st2

    Thoughts on KGPE-D16-ASUS MOBO for FreeNAS

    Hey All, I have a quick question- I have a KGPE-D16 Mobo with 2 AMD Opteron 6320 Processors and two (2) 16G of ECC Mem and planning on putting it together for my main FreeNAS build. This is mostly for storage which will be accessed by 4 people (for now). We mostly use AutoCAD and Revit. I...
  4. B

    Will it FreeNAS? company build

    We're looking at grabbing two storinators both of them will be the 60 drive bay ones Mobo: X10DRL CPU: Dual E52620 Ram: 256GB ECC (I've learned the mobo can take up to a ram so this will change if needed.) Boot drive: 1 SSD + Redundant SSD (120gb) What's better? 2x Rocket 750s or 4x LSI 9201...
  5. Brian Wilson

    Firmware Flashing for Cisco HBA Card

    First off the specs on the system: CISCO UCS C240 M4SX Storage Controller : UCSC-SAS12GHBA Which AFAIK is an LSI 9300-8i ( After installing the latest Stable Version (FreeNAS-9.10.1 (d989edd)) I am...