static ip

  1. itskando

    SOLVED Router doesn't see jail IP

    Someone mentioned forwarding ports on my router for a specific jail. The jail has a static IP. My router actively sees my freeNAS OS IP, and the plex and transmission plugin IPs. It does not see the openVPN jail IP. Is there some jail parameter or service that is necessary to advertise the...
  2. D

    jail static ip

    how do I set up a static IP for the jail that is also visible to the router?
  3. Binary Buddha

    V11.2 Virtual Machine Static IPs

    Anybody know how to assign the Docker Host VM a static IP? In the 9.10 I could assign the IP in the VM config.
  4. rwfitzy

    iocage jail networking

    My first jail with iocage and not able to see network. Problem with ping after started, I read a post about the error: ping: ssend socket: Operation not permitted I did issue a iocage set allow_raw_sockets=1 monitor. From the jail, I can now ping itself and the FreeNAS server lagg interfaces...
  5. D

    Setting MTU on lagg0 via Web UI deletes static IP on reboot in FreeNAS 11.0

    FreeNAS 11.0-Release running on iXsystems FreeNAS Mini XL: Creating a lagg0 with LACP from igb0 and igb1 and assigning a static IP address works OK using the web UI. Subsequently putting mtu 9216 in the lagg0 options field and rebooting brings up the system with no ethernet access. ifconfig...
  6. tbrezniak

    How to set up static IP

    Enter an option from 1-14: 1 1) em0 Select an interface (q to quit): 1 Delete existing config? (y/n) n Configure interface for DHCP? (y/n) n Configure IPv4? (y/n) y Interface name: (press enter as can be blank) Several input formats are supported Example 1 CIDR Notation: Example 2...