1. S

    SOLVED How do i set this up?

    Hi all, I am struggling with a setup at the moment, quick run down - Created an NFS pool named media and copied content from my old media server to it - Was not able to properly get a vm running Sonarr, Sabnzbd and plex running from it properly (plex wasn't able to playback the content) -...
  2. Brownz

    Create hardlink across mountpoints possible?

    I am using sonarr and radarr and have noticed I sometimes very rarely have to to tidyup when it fails to correctly manage the files using the 'Remote Path Mappings'. To my knowledge what Sonarr does is once the download client finishes a download it creates a hardlink between: - download mount...
  3. K

    Best way to split up jobs like Sonarr/Sabnzbd/etc. between FreeNAS and a separate media server?

    My original plan was to just let FreeNAS handle storage, and have my media server run Plex/Sab/Sonarr/et al. but I've realized it's not quite as simple as all that. If Sonarr, Radarr & Sabnzbd are running on a separate machine, do I set up local destination folders, and then have files moved...
  4. N

    Installing Sonarr Plugin after Radarr plugin: "Jail: Radarr already exists!"

    I just installed the radarr plugin to give it a try and really liked it, so no I want to set up Sonarr. I tried doing the same thing I did for Radarr, Plugins->Available Plugins->Sonarr->Install Left all at default, and the jail name is "sonarr" But I get this error: Error...
  5. N

    Script to install Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Sabnzbd, and Plex in iocage jail

    I wrote this script as a learning experience to allow me to quickly install these apps in an iocage jail so I could experiment with the apps and not disturb my working ones. Originally I wrote it with installing mono 5.12 from ports. Now that mono version is available, the apps can...
  6. Spencer Myers

    SOLVED Sonarr syntax error when downloading

    Here's the error I get whenever I try to download any episode inside of Sonarr. I have all my connections to my indexer and downloader working and tested. Not sure what's going on. After reading a bit online and scowering forums, it may be an issue with Mono, however when I try to use pkg...
  7. odragon

    update Radarr/Sonarr

    I am fairly confident that this exists somewhere but it seems like the search for the forums isn't working properly. Does anyone know what command to run in my radarr and sonarr jails to update them to the current version? Or a link to where it is would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Pancackewaffle

    Problem with Sonarr plugin not actually turning on

    So I have an interesting issue... This just popped up by itself, I have done nothing to my FreeNAS in quite awhile but then all of a sudden I can't access sonarr any more. I then proceed to restart the jail, make sure that something is happening in the actual jail because I have transmission in...
  9. D

    sonarr running - plugin says off - bug?

    Not too sure if i should report this as a bug, but i was surprised to se that sonarr was off (plugin view) the jail sonarr is running and I can access sonar thru the web gui without any problems. So, what am i to do? report it as a bug?
  10. tmacka88

    Sonarr "Completed Download Handling" not working?

    Hi, Ive installed sonarr through freenas plugin repo. Everything works except for Completed Download Handling. I obviously have API to sab setup and storage as follows: Jail: sonarr_1 source: /mnt/volume/media/tv destination: /media media folder in sonar jail has 777 permisions. This is...
  11. BetaLeaf

    Sonarr Permissions in Jail

    So first I would like to say I am brand new to FreeNAS. I installed it yesterday for the first time. I have some knowledge of Ubuntu 16.04. The Setup: I have Plex, Transmission, CouchPotato, and Nextcloud all working from different jails, but they share the same folder, /mnt/Plex. Now I have...
  12. Jokoast

    BUILD 4 CPU Server for FreeNas, Plex, Sonarr & more

    Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to server hardware and freenas. I used FreeNas booted on a flash support in an old computer with 4 disks and 2 GB RAM (one of the 2 RAM burned so i stopeed) but now i want to have a dedicated computer with enough power to transcode, download, sort and store my files...
  13. H

    Modest Plex Build - 4x6TB

    Hello All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking to get some feedback on my build. Have already done my own desktop gaming build, but am intimidated by the world of server-grade hardware. I have a current selection of parts, but I am open to suggestions. What will I be using this for...
  14. chris pucknell

    Sonarr cannot establish filepaths

    Hey guys I've been trying to switch from Sickrage(unreliable, seemed to miss lots of episodes) to Sonarr, which is supposedly a lot more user friendly. I cannot get Sonarr to add a new series. I've added storage to the jail, just as i've done before with other plugins. It seems happy to...
  15. monkeybutt

    Transmission/Sonarr permission problems

    I am having trouble getting permissions setup probably with Transmission and Sonarr. I have been messing with it for a while so I am in the middle of a chicken and egg type scenario at the moment. Long story short, when I first setup Transmission, I got it so files would download with full...

    Sonarr Installation

    Hi All, I've fairly new to Jails and CLI in BSD, and I need some assistance please. I'm running: FreeNAS-9.10-MASTER-201608240406 (0e8142f) I'm trying to configure a standard Jail to run: Sabnzbd, CouchPotato and Sonarr. I got Sabnzbd and CouchPotato running with no problems at all, but Sonarr...
  17. Balthasar Schopman

    Creating rc script for Jackett

    I want to run Jackett alongside Sonarr, so in the Sonarr jail I've install mono and Jacket by doing: pkg update && pkg upgrade -y pkg install lang/mono pkg install ftp/curl wget tar xzf...