snapshot rollback

  1. Keven

    11.2-U6 break plugin when updating & snapshot is unable to fix it

    hi, i have a plex (pass) plugin and a transmission plugin which where working fine yesterday night. i tried to update it via the GUI / plugin / installed / 3 dot / update. just after the update it broke plex, so i tried to rollback to with a previous snapshot, but it didn't work snapshot...
  2. B

    Hello from another Salt Lake City dweller

    I'm an electrical/computer engineer and do firmware development for a network equipment manufacturer. My home network is WAY overkill and too much fun. I have a slew of computer/networking services in operation in my home lab and dabble in the admin stuff as it enhances my overall experience...
  3. B

    Rolling back a snapshot deleted a months worth of snapshots

    I have a dataset that I use for storing my media (photos, videos, etc). I have two automatic snapshot tasks configured. 1) Snapshot that occurs daily and expires after 1 month 2) Snapshot that occurs every 4 weeks and expires after 1 year Today, I did something funny to a couple of files and...
  4. P

    SOLVED Can Snapshots Restore File Settings That Were Changed On The Host System?

    Here's my system: FreeNAS version 11.2 U1 Supermicro X11SSM 4 x 4TB IronWolfe in RAIDZ2 Intel - Xeon E3 Crucial - 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) ECC mem So I pulled a rookie mistake and accidentally hit enter on an unfinished command while in root when I was SSH'd into the host. I ended up making...
  5. Patrol02

    Sending/receiving a snapshot, still empty dataset

    Hello, I am implementing a "backup" solution which periodically sends snapshots from one pool to another. It boils down to theese commands: zfs send -Ri $dst_snapshot_name $latest_src_snapshot | zfs receive -Fduv $dst_pool zfs rollback $new_dst_snapshot but you can see the full script here...
  6. F

    Snapshot timestamp, deletion and rollback question

    Hello, Some basic questions about Freenas... maybe too basic because not found any clear answer. 1°) A periodic snapshot task is scheduled : In Freenas > Storage > Snapshots, there is a list with all snapshots, but no timestamp is displayed. - where is dispayed the timestamp of a snapshot ...