snapshot deletion

  1. B

    Hello from another Salt Lake City dweller

    I'm an electrical/computer engineer and do firmware development for a network equipment manufacturer. My home network is WAY overkill and too much fun. I have a slew of computer/networking services in operation in my home lab and dabble in the admin stuff as it enhances my overall experience...
  2. B

    Rolling back a snapshot deleted a months worth of snapshots

    I have a dataset that I use for storing my media (photos, videos, etc). I have two automatic snapshot tasks configured. 1) Snapshot that occurs daily and expires after 1 month 2) Snapshot that occurs every 4 weeks and expires after 1 year Today, I did something funny to a couple of files and...
  3. DigitalADHD

    Odd snapshot dependancies

    Hello, I am trying to delete a jail snapshot, but for some reason it has dependent clones that are other jails. user@freenas:/ # zfs destroy tank0/apps/sonarr_1@clean cannot destroy 'tank0/apps/sonarr_1@clean': snapshot has dependent clones use '-R' to destroy the following datasets...
  4. elangley

    Migrating volumes via replication

    Hello All, Running: FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201602031011 A volume (/data) has been migrated to a different FreeNAS installation using Replication. The volume exists and there is one snapshot. Now I want to use (/data) as a production volume. I am deleting the replication job. How can the...
  5. F

    Snapshot timestamp, deletion and rollback question

    Hello, Some basic questions about Freenas... maybe too basic because not found any clear answer. 1°) A periodic snapshot task is scheduled : In Freenas > Storage > Snapshots, there is a list with all snapshots, but no timestamp is displayed. - where is dispayed the timestamp of a snapshot ...