1. G

    FreeNAS disappears like it went to sleep

    Good morning all. This is my first post here. So I bought a Lenovo Thinkserver TS150, basic config (8GB RAM), running two 8TB mirrored HDs. Current version (latest stable). The thing is, after a while without use (sometimes at the end of the day, sometimes early in the morning) my FreeNAS box...
  2. A

    Hi!! [Slow IO || Idle process threads]

    Hi e1, I have been using FreeNAS a while and finally joined the forums so I could complain. I find this free software does not live up to expectations, and as a millennial I expect, Nay!, demand better free stuff ...I am entitled to free stuff! I deserve everything for free! Ok, ok, just...
  3. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED How to Spin down

    Hello Everybody, Like I mentioned in another threat, I like my NAS to save some energy. So I was given the advise to spin down my HDDs when not used. First - In some online forums I found that my System Dataset (which should be stored on my first created dataset) must not be on the volume I...