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  1. T

    Last Minute Setup Help

    For a bit of context I just built a Freenas system and just installed the latest version of Freenas (I think it's the December 5th release, so not technically latest I guess). The specs are as follows in case they are needed: CPU: Intel Xeon 2650 V2 Motherboard: Supermicro X9 SRL-F RAM: 64 gb...
  2. T

    First FreeNAS Server

    I am currently working on setting up a freenas server for the files of everyone in my household, which mostly consists of my video files, family photos and videos, and documents. In the future I intend to build a freenas system with newer hardware but for now I intend to use an existing system...
  3. itskando

    SOLVED Introductory questions : j

    I built a NAS and installed FreeNAS, and now I'm looking for a few pointers in the right direction. I have a macOS laptop, and I'll likely eventually purchase a Windows desktop. • I'd like to be able to interface with the NAS universally (through any operating system). • I'd like to backup...
  4. M

    FN11.2-BETA1 can't create plugin

    When I try to install any plugin (I've tried sonarr, sabnzbd and couchpotato) I get a dialog box in the UI: Title: [priority,] message string Body: Error: concurrent.futures.process._RemoteTraceback: """ Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  5. A

    Best Practices For Setting Up Storage In ownCloud Jail

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to get some opinions on the storage setup in an ownCloud jail to prevent data loss as well efficiency? I personally created a ZFS dataset called ownCloud then used /mnt/zpool/ownCloud as my Source and /media/me/files as my Destination in the ownCloud jail storage...
  6. A

    Problem with FreeNAS... please help!

    Hello everyone, I just installed FreeNAS 11.1 on a HP Proliant Microserver. Works great, the install went flawlessly. So I named my server NAS_[My last name] However, in the network tab of the explorer (windows 10), I see TWO servers: a NAS_[my last name] and a NAS[My last name] It doesn't...
  7. K

    I am coming from FlexRAID, how should I setup my storage?

    I have a mix of 4TB and 8TB drives, I am looking for some recommendations as to how I should implement the disks. I have 6 8TB drives and 8 4TB drives. (~28TB free space combined between them) The majority of storage is of movies and tv shows, but also store some music, home photos and videos...
  8. FreeNAS4Ever

    Recommendation - Two 3-Drive (Raid-Z1) or One 6-Drive (Raid-Z2)

    Hello, I'm building my first NAS and will be running FreeNAS 11. This will be a relatively small build for home use. My plan is to use six WD Red 2TB drives. I had originally thought to build my array with all six drives and use Raid-Z2. My concern with this plan is if I decide to expand...
  9. J

    Will this work for a FreeNAS box

    I have a Fractal Design Node 804 with a Silver Stone 500 W 80 Gold power supply. The case I got used and it came with a ASROCK QC5000-ITX motherboard and a Startech.com PEXSAT34RH RAID card. Will these work for a FreeNAS (or an URAID) setup? If this doesn't work, I'm looking at a ECS...
  10. NicolasVin100

    SOLVED Burn in

    Hey everyone! I'm almost done assembling my new built... and I know that before the setup and installing everything, I gotta test the hardware... Is there any guide to this or place where I can find help on the next few steps? I'm very new to this (Playing seriously around BIOS and Linux), but...
  11. D

    Replication -How to setup 2x PUSH to 1x PULL, advice needed.

    Hi all, I'm having some questions on setting up a replication "workflow" on the FreeNAS systems that i have deployed, i really need some advice on how to proceed. Hope the forums collective knowledge can pitch in here. My goal is to replicate the snapshots from PUSH 1 and PUSH 2 to one single...
  12. M

    How does one setup Crontab for a specific user?

    Hi there, So I'm currently following a guide from Joshua Parker Ruehling detailing how to setup a Owncloud server (Guide here). One of the steps near the end of the guide instructs the user to enter in the command: crontab -u www -e I understand that this is for setting up a crontab for the...