server rack

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    Fujitsu RX 300 s7

    I have the opportunity to purchase a Fujitsu RX300 s7 server from a computer recycling center for cheap, here are the specs this particular one is outfitted with 8 2.5" drive bays 2 xenon E5 2620 - 6 core processors (12 cores 24 threads total) doesn't come with any memory but supports up to...
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    APC Netshelter CX Rack

    I have the opportunity to buy a used APC Netshelter CX 18U rack for cheap. But first I would like to know if anyone here has any firsthand experience with these racks? 1: Do they really dampen the sound as good as they say? 2: How are the thermals in these things? 3: How is it to work with? I...
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    Server Rack (FreeNAS custom build)

    This might not be specific to FreeNAS, but the primary goal of my server rack is to house my home theater configuration with a centralized FreeNAS server. I purchased a Tripp Lite SR42UBG 42U server rack enclosure with a plexiglass front door. I have a Supermicro 24-bay server chassis...
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    Server/AV Rack Recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for a server rack for my home theater. It will be a FreeNAS build using the following chassis: Supermicro 846BE16-R1K28B I am looking for something with a glass door or something along those lines. Something aesthetically pleasing. It will be tucked away in...