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    SOLVED SuperMicro SC836 HDD Temps Too High / Fan Replacements / Your Experiences?

    Hi, As my first foray into a non-COTS server, I purchased a used SuperMicro Super Chassis SC836E16-R1200B via ebay. Having sold my QNAP NAS appliances to offset the cost, I was left with 16 HGST Deskstar NAS HDDs - 6TB that needed to be repurposed. I spent considerable time researching and...
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    How quiet can a Supermicro SC836 case be made?

    I am considering purchasing a Supermicro SC836 case for a FreeNAS system. My one concern is the noise level. I have seen a number of examples where people have swapped the fans in the SC846 case to reduce the noise level but haven't found any examples for the SC836. If the SQ series power...