1. T

    How to install internal SSD boot drive for Dell R720?

    Disclaimer: I am VERY new to anything server or homelab. I probably do not know what I'm talking about most of the time. I have a R720 with a H310MM RAID card that is flashed into IT mode. I plan to make this server into a NAS & PLEX server. It currently has 8x3TB drives in it. I need a boot...
  2. rwfitzy

    freenas-boot i/o error

    I have screwed up the boot. I use two innodisk SATADOM-SV for the boot mirror, I saw a DEGRADED message in the GUI and did a reboot to see both SATADOM in the BIOS POST, but the GUI still reported DEGRADED. The boot pool status showed one drive as UNAVAIL, so I detached in an attempt to reboot...
  3. Constantin

    Boot drive mirror replication question

    Good morning, As you may know, I have decided to upgrade my home system to a X10SDV-7TP4F motherboard that features two SATADOM connectors. I currently possess the OEM-supplied SATADOM (32GB?) that came with my Mini XL as well as two new 64GB Supermicro SATADOMs that I would like to use with...
  4. DaPlumber

    Innolite sataDOM D150qv 32GB

    Anyone have any experience with these? I have two, and they both: Show up in BIOS and “camcontrol devlist”, can be read from (dd) but throw errors when trying to write (dd, FreeNAS or FreeBSD install). In one case the module goes completely offline until power cycled. “smartctl -a” says no...