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  1. luqasz

    Slow FC qlogic speed with p2p connection

    Hi I know that this is a freeNAS forum. I am using freeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p3. Compiled kernel to use target mode. ctladm portlist Port Online Frontend Name pp vp 0 NO camsim camsim 0 0 naa.50000006cc960301 1 YES ioctl ioctl 0 0 2 YES tpc tpc 0 0 3 YES camtgt isp0 0 0...
  2. kikotte

    iSCSI is slow ESXI 5.5 SAN

    Hi, CPU: X2 Intel xeon E5-2680V1 RAM: 256GB Motherboard: Supermicro X9DRH-7TF Network: Supermicro AOC-SGP-i4 (Intel i350T4) HBA-CARD: LSI 9300-16i HDD: X6 WD gold 6TB I'm a beginner so if you need to know something, just ask, please take a picture as it gets easier?
  3. kikotte

    Feedback SAN building

    Hi, Are I building my SAN and wondering if there is anything I would need for it to get better? CPU: X2 Xeon E5-2680V1 Ram: 256GB M393B2G70QH0-YK0 Motherboard: Supermicro X9DRH-7TF Chassis: Supermicro 846BE16-R920B (Am not sure) Control card: LSI sas 9300-16i (Waiting for package) (Will buy...
  4. F

    FreeNAS as SAN for 2 esxi host (E5-1620v4 Supermicro mbd-x10srh)

    Hello there, first time writing here. I'm thinking to build a FreeNAS system at work that should be used as common datastore for 2 esxi 6.0 hosts (2xDL360gen9 with actual on board raid5 datastore each). I've build some FreeNAS system for me (HP Gen8 Microserver) and friends but nothing as big as...
  5. H

    L2ARC & Cache for shared ESXi SAN

    Hello Everyone, I am currently in the process of implementing a new ESXi shared SAN in my home for provisioning and running VM's from. This new SAN will be created on an HP DL360e Gen8 1U server, with 4x 3.5 inch hot swap bays (two SATA 6.0 and two SATA 3.0 Gbps ports). The drives to be used...
  6. H

    All SSD vdev OR SSD L2ARC & Cache for shared ESXi SAN

    Hello Everyone, First off I want to say that I’ve long browsed the online forums for help and ideas on setting up a FreeNAS system and figured it’s now time for me to join in on the discussions and gain some knowledge. I’m fairly new to FreeNAS, but look forward to learning what its full...
  7. V

    Hi! Everyone

    I am new with FreeNAS but not new in enterprise storage both NAS and SAN. My partner is selling used IT equipment such as x86 server, storage, network switch and so on. I want to add value of FreeNAS on used server and storage.