s3 service

  1. pkropf

    Setting up the S3 Service

    I'm trying to set up the S3 service for local use and can't get past the setup screen. I enter the same value into the Secret Key and Confirm Secret Key field and they're rejected. The field names turn red and I'm unable to access the Save button. This happens for any values: alpha only...
  2. W

    Want to ZFS send 7TB snapshot to S3 but S3 has a limited filesize of 5TB. Proper way to split?

    Is there a proper way to split a ZFS send datastream at destination so that it isn't one gigantic file but rather several files instead? I've attempted to do a zfs send to S3 recently but I discovered that there is a 5TB filesize limit for objects stored on S3. Someone suggested I zfs send to...
  3. A

    Custom amazon S3 sync task. Copy empty directories.

    Hi, I've noticed that when creating a task that will PUSH data from my volume to S3 bucket , empty directories are not being uploaded. Is there a way to achieve this? And / or to tune up the process? Thank you!
  4. C

    SOLVED Can the S3 disk be read/write?

    Hi I think it is great that there is an S3 target in FreeNAS. It's a Minio server as we know it. I configured the S3 service using /mnt/pool1/folder1 as disk. This is where I can create buckets and upload files from the Minio browser port 9000. Then I shared the /mnt/pool1/folder1 (which the...
  5. R

    FreeNAS S3 service port 9000 Can't Change?

    Anyone have a problem with FreeNAS v11, S3 Service, no matter what you change the Port to it always stays on 9000? ie. I've changed it to 9001, 8080, 1008, and a few others. I've restarted the service and the machine. Still no matter what I change it to, it only allows it to be accessed at...
  6. C

    Is the S3 target by Minio license free?

    I think the S3 target powered by Minio is absolutely fantastic and I am starting to build S3 cloud storage services with it. I know that Minio has a commercial license for their version but what about the FreeNAS version? Is there a capacity limit I can use with the Minio S3 target? Is there a...