replication tasks

  1. zamana

    SOLVED 11.2-U6: sync errors... Should I downgrade to U5?

    I did upgrade from U5 to U6 by using a new boot device and then restoring the config file. This morning I received e-mails from my FreeNas with errors regarding my "Replication Tasks", all of them about "permission denied" due to ssh keys etc, even though I had updated all of them yesterday...
  2. D

    Can I access replication logs from the UI?

    Hi all- I set up a replication task with two machines on a LAN that was working successfully. I recently colo'd one of the machines. I'd like to confirm that replication tasks are still working - I'm not getting any errors, which leads me to believe "yes," but I'd like to be absolutely certain...
  3. G

    Replication Tasks Issue - What Did I Do Wrong

    Originally I had a replication task to backup my primary pool to my backup pool on an Supermicro SC846 chassis. I ended up reaching 90% storage capacity on my primary pool with no more HDD slots. I decided to increase my primary pool by adding another vdev. This forced me to detach my backup...