1. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED replacing components

    Hallo everybody, first I'm not 100% sure if this topic belongs here, so correct me if I'm wrong. My question is about the replacement of specific components. I don't want a manual but only a short information for two cases. Case 1 - A HDD fails : If a HDD fails, can I just replace it with a...
  2. N

    Wrong jail rc.conf block the entire FreeNAS to boot

    Hello Guys I wrote a bad command line into the rc.conf from one of my jail, now the FreeNAS cannot boot because I get Page Fault 12 when reading this rc.conf Do you have an idea how I could disable the jail from booting? Or how to edit the rc.conf to correct it? Thank you Nico
  3. B

    Motherboard CPU-socket with bent pins: I've tried to repair, will it work?

    Hello together, I'm a bit sad and I need some help of you guys... :( A few weeks ago, I bought a used Asus P10S-I motherboard to save some money (student...). When unboxing the device yesterday in the evening, I saw that some CPU-pins were bent. At this place, thanks to the seller... I've...