1. CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

    How do I install and configure from scratch but use an old pool?

    I made the jump to 11.2 the other day. I thought I had done everything by the book. I'd backed up my data, backed up my config, shutdown all Jails and Plugins, turned off all service... I had to flash my SAS controller, so I disconnected the disks etc. etc. etc. The one thing I didn't even...
  2. S

    Completely wipe/destroy, install new disks in, and reinstall FreeNAS (in a TrueNAS)

    Hi guys I have to upgrade the capacity of a Freenas Mini. The current system has 4x2tb disks (looks like a striped mirror) and these will be replaced with 4x4tb disks. I've already copied the data off so I wasn't even going to try an in-place upgrade/expansion. The goal is to install the new...
  3. F

    Reload VM from reinstall of FreeNas 11

    Hello, I have been using FreeNas for a 1 1/2 years now and had upgraded to version 11.0 some time ago. I recently had a problem with usb boot drives that forced me to reinstall FreeNas 11 again, so I'm now running the latest 11.2. Upon doing so I've been trying to re-setup my VM's, but have...
  4. S

    SOLVED Detach volume before reinstalling

    Hello everyone, Summary of why I'm doing this : I've been experiencing similar issues as those described in this thread for as long as I can remember, since FreeNAS 9 (long story short : when assigning permissions, I see users that I have deleted months ago; I see a group A that I just added; I...
  5. K

    Plex Needs a Reinstall Every Server Restart

    So, some backstory. I have pretty much nothing but plex installed, plus the necessary jails and storage. Every time the server restarts of the power goes out and i have to turn it back on. Plex refuses to boot up. I get a "This site can't be reached", the exact same page you get when putting in...
  6. H

    sd card crashed - after new FreeNAS install, plugin not available even though jail exists

    Hello everybody, I'm a very happy FreeNAS user, even though not that experienced :rolleyes: As my sd card with the previous installation crashed, I just installed a new one with the latest FreeNAS release. FreeNAS itself has no problems with this upgrade :cool: - all data is still available in...