raid card

  1. M

    Ark about raid card

    can i use pci sil3114 raid controller with freenas ?
  2. C

    Will disabling / turning to AHCI built in RAID card work for Freenas?

    Hey guys! I recently purchased a Dell r720 off facebook, and now that I am messing with it, I see that the drives go directly from the backplane to a slot in the MOBO, with the raid card beside it. I asked in the LinusTechTips forums if I would be able to just disable the raid card for the...
  3. B

    My AMD budget FreeNas build!

    Hi new member from the UK I’m building a my Nas from an old pc that I upgraded into a gaming pc from about 10 years ago. Since then Iv been into laptops and not been pc gaming. I am now into video editing for my small car YouTube channel and the 256gb ssd on my MacBook Pro sucks, AHCI ssd’s...
  4. CH4Pz

    HBA Swap out

    Recently, although intermittently, been getting Cam Status error on da3, so thought id start by swapping out cables. On next boot my Z2 Volume came up as "Unknown" status, so after inspecting the system i noticed the bottom mini-SAS 8087 connector on my LSI HBA (in sig) was disconnected but...
  5. S

    Adaptec 8805 support

    Hello, I have question about Adaptec Raid 8805 support. I know, that any kind of raid isn't good for FreeNAS. However, if I set this card to HBA mode, it should work as standard HBA adapter, right?? The card also has its own cache, but I do not plan to use it. Any help with configuration of...
  6. S

    [HELP]LSI 9260 8i Crossflash

    Hi guys, I find a good server that use LSI 9260 connect to a 12 bay back plane. Can I crossflash it with 9211? If not, will 9211 8i work with 12 bay back plane? Thanks for all the help.