1. yeyo

    QBittorrent missing RSS downloader

    Hello, I am trying to enable RSS downloader in Qbittorrent on Freenas but the option is missing. The screenshot I attached is what is missing on my qbittorrent. Does anyone know how or if it's possible to enable it?
  2. G

    QBittorrent @ FreeNAS -> Zugriff auf Downloadordner

    Hallo zusammen, ich benutze die Weboberfläche von QBittorrent auf meinen FreeNAS System als Plugin und bin damit auch super zufrieden. Jetzt habe ich nur das Problem, dass QBittorrent logischerweise nur Zugriff auf das eigene Verzeichnis hat. Das heißt ich kann hier ja leider keinen beliebigen...
  3. E

    Qbittorrent plugin: Search engine don't work

    OS Version: FreeNAS-11.2-U5 (Build Date: Jun 24, 2019 18:41) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 cores) Memory: 12 GiB HDD 8TB Hi, I installed qbittorrent plugin, but when i try to search something in search engine, plugins are not installed. Tried to install some unofficial...
  4. Yaguznal

    [Solved] Qbittorrent default password/username does not work

    I installed the qbittorrent plugin without errors and the UI loads to the login screen but I tried to log in with anything from the default admin/adminadmin to newly created users and the default user qbittorrent but none work. Did anyone get this to work?
  5. N

    Problems running qBittorrent in a jail

    I've just installed qBittorrent following the instructions here, including the autostart script. It seems to have worked, but I'm having problems with logins and settings. Problem 1: downloads show peers but stall out almost immediately Problem 2: qBittorrent seems to have lost and then found...
  6. molotov_kazic

    How To: qBittorrent - Automatically Extract/unrar Upon Torrent Completion

    Howdy Everyone, I've started the transition away from uTorrent and my Windows machine and gone the FreeNAS route with qBittorrent. Thanks to this forum post How To: Install qBittorrent in a jail I was able to get everything up and running smoothly. However as we all know that not every...
  7. ReadyPlayGo

    FreeNAS + Downloader, Plex, and Torrent - Is This The Best Approach?

    Summary: I plan on building a NAS and using FreeNAS v10 (whenever it is released) to control 24 usable terabytes of space (RAIDZ2, 6X6TB). Wherever possible, I want to let the NAS be a NAS and offload applications and services to a separate Ubuntu server, but I’m learning that it makes more...