proliant microserver

  1. R

    FreeNAS crash after 2 years

    Hy, I have setup a FreeNas server with an HP Proliant MicroServer gen7 two years ago. It has been running find until recently. The server was rebooting multiple time by day. On reboot I have a message : savecore: reboot after panic: solaris assert: 0 == bpobj_open(&bpo, dl->dl_os, obj) (0x0 ==...
  2. G

    Boot issue - Installing FreeNAS 9.10 on HP Proliant G8

    Hi! I installed FreeNAS 9.10 on a Proliant G8, on SSD drive connected to the SATA-ODD port. My problem is: - If booting up without connecting any drive other than the system drive FreeNAS runs as it should be. - If booting up with the drives for storage attached to the system, there is...
  3. J

    I am coming from WHS. What would you do?

    As this is my first post here, I would like to say Hi. I am hoping the knowledgeable people here can give me some direction. My WHS 2011 had a drive go out and am kicking around the idea of going to FreeNAS on the box which is a HP Proliant Micro server N40L with 2 gigs of ram. It has been a...
  4. neiklot

    Is this speed normal with HP microserver?

    Hi guys. I'm starting with FreeNAS but I really like it! The thing is that I realize that I can't get max gigabit speed. When I run iperf between a windows machine and my HP microserver running FreeNAS I get about 650Mbps. I changed cable, I checked that dedup and compression were already off...