1. A

    Hi!! [Slow IO || Idle process threads]

    Hi e1, I have been using FreeNAS a while and finally joined the forums so I could complain. I find this free software does not live up to expectations, and as a millennial I expect, Nay!, demand better free stuff ...I am entitled to free stuff! I deserve everything for free! Ok, ok, just...
  2. Borja

    Very worry about CPU usage %

    Hello, I noticed today a, what i think, very rare CPU usage percentage. I attach pictures below (please help because im very worried about): Thank you.
  3. W

    mount_smbfs share connection freeze

    Hi! In an effort to be more autonomous from our project partners we decided to set up FreeNAS on our own purposely built server for our small workgroup. Still in the process of setting up everything but making good progress so far. We have a lot of data (~3TB) hosted by our partners that now...