1. A

    WebDAV Services/ password problem during configuration

    Hello Everyone, I'm new on the forum and a beginer on Free Nas, i have managed to create a home NAS and it's work well but, i want to make outside access with WebDAV but it looks like there is a problem : Has you can see, every time i finish typing the password and click on the other field...
  2. R

    Deleting DataStores Problems

    Hello there once again, I'm in need of help. I was trying to delete a DataStore so that i can't change the space that it is using but i keep getting an error. Already deleted the SMB share. Could you please advise.
  3. FreeNAS4Ever

    Can't Log into FreeNAS server after update

    Hello, I made two changes to my FreeNAS 11 server this morning and now I am receiving an error ("Please enter the correct Username and password") when I try to log into the server using my root account. My username and password are entered automatically from my password management software, so...
  4. T

    FreeNAS setup refusing to boot - help!!

    Hello forum, A friend's setup has just thrown this error and i'm going to attempt to repair it. Could you guys look at this page and tell me where to start? I'm not at the location at the moment but will head there when I have an idea as to the next step. Is this system trying to boot from a...
  5. Jacob H. Weeks

    I cannot start a VM in FreeNAS 11

    Please help me folks. I have upgraded my FreeNAS OS when I found out that a stable release was available for my system. I used the update/upgrade feature from within the FreeNAS web GUI. I found the new VM option and wanted to give it a go, but could not get it to start. I have tried everything...
  6. H

    Problems with plugins

    Hi, any idea why in a virtual machine I load the plugins but in hardaware that supports the same virtual machine when I run the same freenas I do not load the plugins? it is understood? regards