port forward

  1. House Of Cards

    Firewall Port Forward To Plex

    Happy Memorial Day, This is sort of a dual FreeNAS/pfSense question... I've done all the setup in pfSense to port forward my Plex port to the IP address assigned to Plex in FreeNAS, but it doesn't work. The question is, could it be that the port needs to be forwarded to the IP of FreeNAS...
  2. B

    FreeNAS w/ OwnCloud Plugin... need help finding Port #

    Hi, I am new to the FreeNAS Forum. I have made a small home server to be able to store all my projects and be able to access it from any network that I am in. In the process, I have taken step by step guides from Youtube, and Forums, but ran into a problem I could not seem to find. So far, I...
  3. S

    Nextcloud 12 / FreeNAS / pfSense [Request for Help]

    Kindly note that I have spent countless DAYS trying to get Nextcloud up and running, and as a last resort I'm asking for the counsel of the FreeNAS community. I know there are a number of moving parts, including pfSense, so this may not be the most appropriate place to post this plea for help...
  4. H

    Issues with remote access on plex

    I had issues with this in the past and never got it resolved but now I'm having to revisit this task. I wouldn't think this would be so hard but I've had no luck with remote access on my plex server running on FreeNas. I called my ISP, since they NAT IP addresses by default and had them remove...
  5. sfryman

    Is UPnP really that bad a security risk?

    My router has a "security assessment" function from Trend Micro. I clicked on it last night, and most things turn up "OK". The exception is for uPNP being enabled (see attached screenshot). I did some online reading and found several opinions stating UPnP is a security risk. So I disabled...