pool unavailable

  1. dexbot

    SOLVED Raidz-1 Pool will not import - One or more devices missing from system

    THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED! Please see the update in my last post First things first thank you for reading and I am very new to Freenas but I am loving it so far. I have six 8Tb drives in a Raidz-1 Pool. A few days ago I went to access the server and saw the critical alert "The volume Main...
  2. O

    RAIDZ1 Unavailable after inadvertent SATA cable swap

    During a recent change of my hard drive fans I had to remove my hard drive cables. I did not label them and thought that I had reconnected them back the way they were removed but I must not have remembered properly. When I went to turn the system back on it would not boot. After connecting a...
  3. B

    Drive pool unavailable

    Hello, I am looking for help with a problem I have. Both my boot-drive and storage-drive were disconnected from the system while running. After I plugged the drives back in, and turned the system back on, I got the following error: "error getting available space" next to my drive pool, at the...