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  1. Janus Ng

    Plugins does not show up on the left pane on FreeNAS 11.1-U6

    I have installed 2 plugins on a FreeNAS box, plexmediaserver and nextcloud. Both were running fine. Both are updated time to time up to the latest supported versions manually (unfortunately nextcloud is stuck at version 10.0.06 due to php dependence.) Unfortunately on Sep 12, the...
  2. H

    Installing plex

    Finally I have have my NAS up and running! :) Now I am in the process of installing plex, and I figured that it would be of quite a benefit to ask the community here for help before going out of my mind. I can see most posts prefer a manual install in a jail and not the plex plugin? Why, is...
  3. kjake

    Sorta Fresh Plex in iocage

    FN10 Docker convert here - jumping into iocage because warden is going away. I liked the Plex container in FN10 because it would pull the latest release when you restarted the container. I haven't gotten there yet (because I'm writing these for all of my old containers), but this is better than...
  4. M

    Plex Plugin: Update Problem unter FN11

    Seit der Migration (Neuinstalltion mit Import der alten Settings) auf FreeNAS-11 schlägt ein Update des Plexmediaserver Plugins fehl. Testweise habe ich eine aktuelle Version unter anderem Namen parallel installiert: kein Problem. Ein Update (mittklerweile ist ein weiteres update verfügbar)...
  5. Jailer

    Is Plex dead on FreeBSD?

    Sure looks like it to me. I've been following that thread over at the Plex forums. The devs have been skirting around providing an answer on the future of Plex on FreeBSD and some of the missing features. I recently saw one of the devs (don't remember who) mention some statistics that FreeBSD is...
  6. T

    FreeNAS ECC Build Review - Plex & Media Powerhouse

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking about a FreeNAS setup to replace an old Drobo 5N that I have. Will keep this short and sweet. NAS Priorities: Transcode & Stream (3 x 1080p - 20 Mbps Max) Plex Media - Mostly Movies & TV Shows (Acquired legally of course) Run Jails with Couchpotato...
  7. H

    Add Storage in Plexmediaserver

    Latest freenas 9.10.2. There was an old thread about mount point and storage but I do not understand it. I have struggled for 3 to 4 hours a day for a full week now so in desperation I am asking for help. I used the Plex plugin and Cosmo_Kramer tutorial for installing plex...