1. Chip Senkbeil

    phpVirtualBox jail template for FreeNAS 11

    Hi everyone. Trying to determine if FreeNAS 11 supports the old phpVirtualBox jail template from 9.10, or if there are plans to support that jail template in the future. I didn't see any mention if the template in the FreeNAS 11 release topic and haven't seen much mention of it recently other...
  2. N

    phpVirtualBox - VM has terminated unexpectedly during setup

    I just upgraded to FreeNAS-9.10.2 (a476f16) and I'm having problems getting my VM, which was working fine before the upgrade, to start. Whenever go to the phpVirtualBox web GUI and try to start the VM I get this message: The virtual machine 'UbuntuVM' has terminated unexpectedly during startup...
  3. kaipee

    How do I enable SSL for the vboxwebsrv service?

    I have phpvirtualbox set up on my FreeNAS Mini, everything is going not so bad so far. I have enabled SSL for logging into the web interface, but would like to enable SSL for the actual vboxwebsrv service itself (I often use RemoteBox to connect directly to the service) - I would also like to...
  4. D

    phpVirtualBox (FreeNAS 9.10-STABLE) Ubuntu 16 guest No Longer Starting

    Hello! I've recently done a sweep of updates on my FreeNAS setup including replacing the USB key and swapping it for an SSD for boot partition storage. I've got a phpVirtualBox jail template that is running an Ubuntu guest that I updated to Ubuntu 16. I've been working on it bit by bit over the...