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    FreeNAS w/ OwnCloud Plugin... need help finding Port #

    Hi, I am new to the FreeNAS Forum. I have made a small home server to be able to store all my projects and be able to access it from any network that I am in. In the process, I have taken step by step guides from Youtube, and Forums, but ran into a problem I could not seem to find. So far, I...
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    Kein Zugriff auf das Owncloud Plugin

    Hallo allerseits, ich hatte bis vor kurzem einen einzelnen Owncloud-Server am laufen. Da ich aber im Netzwerk immer mehr Daten speichern muss, habe ich mich nur für FreeNas entschieden. Installation, Konfiguration soweit kein Problem. Nun wollte ich, da es auch angeboten wird, das Owncloud...
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    freenas 11 - owncloud plugin won't start

    As the title says, installed the owncloud plugin and it won't start owncloud at all :-( I was so looking forward to it. Help? ;-)
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    Nextcloud 12 (released 2017-05-22)

    I recently investigated Nextcloud (despite it being one of the "available" Plugins and having run FreeNAS for a couple of months) and I'm very eager to deploy on my server. I was able to install Nextcloud 10 via Plugin / Jail quite easily (without doing any research or following a guide), but...
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    Owncloud / Nextcloud Plugin not working

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and FreeNAS is new for me, so please apologize stupid questions. (But I'm familiar with Linux) I installed the actual version of FreeNAS (9.10), that was easy and it's working. Then I tried to install the owncloud plugin. The installation ended without problems. I gave the...