nextcloud plugin

  1. P

    canot install nextcloud

    [EFAULT] Exception: CallError:[EFAULT] pkg error: - www/nextcloud :b'pkg: Connection reset by peer\n' Refusing to fetch artifact and run! occured, destroyed nextcloud i have move form omv to freenas and canot...
  2. G

    Next Cloud Config

    hi. i need some help because i want to use my nextcloud server with my public Ip but i need to add it to my "config.php" file but i don't know where i can find it. so please help me....
  3. G

    Next Cloud Help

    hi. that's my first post. so well i don't know why when i finish tthe nextclou dinstallation, doesn't appear the database configs. I tryied to install it again and again and nothing happened and i upgraded it but the same happens and now it happen.............. i dont know whati...
  4. S

    Problem with freenas jail nextcloud plugin configuring SSL

    hi I installed freenas 12.2_u5 with jail and the nextcloud plugin, now I'm trying to configure the SSL connection but I can't find the configuration files and I don't know if by chance I'm in nginx, you can help me kindly. Thank you
  5. lbartosek

    How to install lets encrypt ssl certificate on nextcloud plugin?

    Hi ya, I am sorry for asking silly questions that might be answered on the web somewhere already but I cannot really find the answers I need. I know there must be an easy way of doing it. I've installed Let's Encrypt SSL cert on many VMs/Web Servers using Ubuntu but I cannot figure out, how to...
  6. S

    looking for certbot in nextcloud plugin

    Hello, I've installed the Nextcloud Plugin on freenas 11.2-stable. Setup was fine, and I was going to expose the instance to the internet to allow syncing with my phone. I went into the jail to setup letsencrypt for for ssl, but I am unable to find certbot. >pkg install py27-certbot Updating...
  7. S

    User authentication + file access control in NextCloud plugin?

    I'm planning to allow some (non technical) family members to access files remotely, and perhaps to use cloud features in general, with the NextCloud plugin (on 11.2-RELEASE). But I don't fully understand the way that NextCloud plugin would handle user authentication and file access, so I don't...
  8. P

    11.2 RC2, Nextcloud plugin fixed?

    In 11.2 RC2 the Nextcloud plugin should be fixed... After installing the Nextcloud (v14) plugin in FreeNAS 11.2 RC2 there is a pop-up with some credentials (without indication what to do with it...) ... after that you end up in the GUI of Nextcloud where you are asked to make a admin-account...