network interface

  1. iliak

    SOLVED dashboard network configure monitored port

    i have two physical ports on freenas one for shh\ui access (primary) one for the actual load (the storage network) the dashboard is configured only on the primary interface, how i can change it to the secondary or to all interfaces?
  2. P

    Add another NIC to VM?

    Hi everyone, Do you know any way to add another NIC to a VM? Currently after adding a NIC you cannot add another one ( 11.2 ). Is there a possibility to add another NIC via command line and make it permanent?
  3. bferrell

    10G Speeds wildly up and down?

    I'm checking my speeds, and I get 7+ across most of my network, to and from my Macs, my R720-based Ubuntu VMs, and my QNAP NAS that I store my Plex data on, but when I check my 11.1U7 FreeNAS at the shell I get crazy up and down results (all core network components are Ubiquiti USW-XG and USG-XG...

    Networking issues with secondary NIC

    I believe it was around the official transition to iocage, I started having networking issues in jails. for a while after iocage was added in "beta", they were working with no issues. The host never has any issues with networking and I have set the default gateway and nameservers in "global...
  5. steve.long

    Network Interfaces on FreeNAS Mini XL unreliable, buggy

    Good afternoon all! I've been plagued by an issue lately which I'd like the experts' input on. I have two identical FreeNAS Mini XLs. One is in the office I work at. One is at the CEO's home and serves as an offsite backup. I send ZFS replications to the offsite FreeNAS throughout the day and...
  6. J

    virt-manager/qemu FreeNAS virtio network doesn't load drivers

    I can't seem to get a virtio network card to work with my FreeNAS virtual machine. I'm running libvirtd and qemu, configuring things via virt-manager. My host OS is Pop_OS 18.04, so basically Ubuntu 18.04. I've successfully loaded the virtio modules in FreeNAS. But when I switch the NIC to...
  7. wgreenway

    Installing jails brick server after system restart

    Hostname Build FreeNAS-11.1-U7 Platform AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor Memory 16267MB NIC: Intel X520 10G connected VIA DAC I need some help here... I have lost hours and hours trying to troubleshoot this issue where I install a JAIL (resilio sync is the one I tried...
  8. iliak

    help understand daily security run output

    few days ago i configure my email in the freenas server. i now receave each day a long list that start with... ( i have replaced the IP's with xxx) > arp: moved from 00:26:55:d1:13:cc to 70:71:bc:7c:74:df on mlxen0 > arp: moved from 00:0a:f7:4f:e1:20 to...
  9. TW1920

    2nd Network Interface for iocage jail

    Hello, I have some iocage plugins - all working well. I know how to choose a specific network interface for a iocage jail on FreeNas 11.2 - but how can I add a second interface. I have to different networks and some jails should have access to both networks. I couldn't find a solution for it...