1. P

    Moving Truenas+hardware to new case

    Dear TrueNAS community, I'm fairly new to using TrueNAS and since installing it I'm loving it. But I am planning on moving my current hardware to a new case that supports move drive-bays. For the rest I will be swapping out the powersupply and adding an old NVIDEA GPU to the system for...
  2. Mr. Slumber

    How to move a dataset from one ZFS pool to another ZFS pool

    Ok, here's what I want to do: I have one ZFS pool (let's just call it) "pool A" (3 HDDs, raidZ1) with one dataset (let's just call it) "dataset A". Also on this machine I have another ZFS "pool B" (3HDDs, raidZ1). I want to move "dataset A" from "pool A" completely over to "pool B". (Read...
  3. Jacopx

    Moving iocage root

    Buongiorno a tutti! I have created yesterday my first iocage (GitLab) and everything works perfectly! I have noticed only now that the iocage root is in a pool that i don't want to use for that. I'm trying to moving the existing jail and the root to a new place. What I'm not sure is what...
  4. M

    Unableto move files from one dataset to anouther.

    Hi all, I'm getting an unusual error trying to move files from one datset to anouther when using a Mac. The the file browser on OSx gives the following message. "The Finder can't complete the operation because some of the data in "Elf (2003).mkv" can't be read or written. (Error code -36)" I...
  5. F

    SOLVED Permission inheriting issue when moving files

    Hi, On my SMB share, there is a directory where every users have a subdir named with their name. Everyone can deposit file to this directory, but only the "owner" can read content. Let's call this a deposit box. All deposit boxes are located inside the same ZFS dataset. Everything work fine if...
  6. D

    moving nextcloud dataset

    OK, I need your help guys, I did (trust is the actually dataset and trustme is the future/target dataset): zfs snapshot -r trust/nextclouddataset@relocate then zfs send -R trust/nextclouddataset@relocate | zfs receive -v trustme/nextclouddataset and it copies and creates the new dataset...
  7. D

    how to move jails

    Hi there, how do i move jails from one DataSet to another? Would be a nice option like with the system dataset.
  8. A

    Move Jail from to new hardware

    Hello, I apologize if this has already been asked. I am new to FreeNAS. I have researched this issue to no avail. I set up a FreeNAS 11.0 on older hardware (nas1) for testing. As part of this install I installed nextcloud and got it configured. I have since spun up a new server (nas2) on...