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missing files

  1. eexodus

    Replicated datasets have invisible directories

    I have a master FreeNAS system backing up to two systems via replication: a backup and disaster recovery. On both the backup and DR FreeNAS systems the replicated datasets appear correctly transferred in the web GUI (besides some minor discrepancies I go over here...
  2. lightheat

    SOLVED - All my datasets are gone after reboot. I'm in a panic.

    FreeNAS was running fine, but I had to shut down the server because a Thanksgiving guest was complaining about the noise (seriously regret this right now). I shut it down via the command in the GUI. I started it back up moments ago and none of my Windows shares remounted in Windows. So I logged...
  3. C

    Weird Files Issues

    I store my work in progress code in a mounted directory within a jail. FN: /mnt/dir/dir/projects Jail: /usr/local/www/nginx/dir/projects Everything has been fine for a while now. Yesterday I had spent hours working on some code, and today, I had used the shutdown from FN web interface because...
  4. N

    SOLVED Volume (!!!),settings, and docker hosts missing after shutdown

    Fresh install of Corral. Created a volume and put all data on. Reboots though-out. Setup some docker hosts and containers - all worked fine. Shut down last night. When I turned on today, the volume is gone, all settings (inc. timezone, dashboard etc.) back to factory. user/pass still OK to...