1. G

    How many spares?

    I have recently built a mini home system, raidz2, with five 3TB drives resulting in about 7TB ZFS pool. I have added a sixth drive as a spare. The cabinet has room for eight drives. Does the forum have a recommendation for the number or ratio of spare drives? If experience says zero, then...
  2. Mr. Slumber

    Dell PERC H310 Mini Mono flashing to IT Mode

    Up until now it wasn't possible to use the Dell Perc H310 Mini Mono cards with FreeNAS because it just seemed not to be possible to flash them to IT mode or if you did that, your Dell server wouldn't boot up because it didn't found the proper Mini Mono card. Now someone seems to have found a...
  3. Q

    FreeNAS Mini - age of components?

    Hi, Looking to replace my aging Synology Diskstation, and looking at a FreeNAS system since it is open source. Although i ideally would like to build the system myself, it's just not practical time-wise - So, FreeNAS Mini it is. So a couple of questions that i could not find the answer to...
  4. cfcaballero

    SOLVED USB3 PCIe card for FreeNAS Mini from IXsystems

    I had some difficulty adding USB3 ports (I backup to an external RAID enclosure from ORICO) to the FreeNAS mini I bought a few years back (built on the Ablecom CS-M50 chassis with the ASRock C2750D4I mobo). The clearance above the card slot is VERY tight as the corner of the drive cage hangs...
  5. A

    iX FreeNAS Mini XL 2nd SATA DOM?

    Hello all I am setting up my Mini XL, and see that it has QTY (1) 16GB SATA DOM for boot. I have always ran my FreeNAS systems with 2 USB flash drives in a mirror as a safety measure. How can this be accomplished when I'm using a SATA DDOM? Do I need another SATA DOM, or can I use a 16Gb USB...
  6. djf_jeff

    FreeNAS Mini XL and disk drive LED

    Hi, I just bought a Mini XL from Amazon and I have a question about it. I have put 4 WD Red 6TB drives in it and configured them in RaidZ2. Now I am copying the data over and only the LED from disk 1,2,3 are blinking. The one from disk 0 never blink (sometime it blink one time and stop). At...
  7. wblock

    FreeNAS Mini and Mini XL motherboard replacement guide [Deleted]

    The Motherboard Replacement Guide shows how to properly remove and replace the motherboard in a FreeNAS Mini or Mini XL. Many detailed photos are used to clarify and simplify the process.
  8. T

    Smallest Mini-ITX case for "portable" FreeNAS?

    My family and I spend 1-2 overseas every year visiting family. Over the course of the visit we always end up taking a buttload (metric, not imperial) of RAW images. That, combined with files I need for work, mean we've outgrown USB drives. I was looking at the Synology DS416slim but I thought...
  9. Steve Lindenberg

    FreeNAS not appearing on Network

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my FreeNAS mini (from iX Systems) working in my new city. I use it for Time Machine backups and as a media drive. (clients are running OSX) It was working great when I left Vancouver. Wanting to be very careful with it, it came with me as carry-on...