1. boyphongsakorn

    how to upload minecraft spigot plugins on mineos plugins ?

    way to upload minecraft spigot plugins to mineos plugins ? edit file server,edit world file
  2. M

    MineOS plugin- time out login??

    so everything works on the networking end, at least it should. I can access the web UI and the server accepts and replies to ICMP messages but the server continually fails to sometimes connect when trying to access it in minecraft and when it does appear it always fails and times out when it...
  3. kdragon75

    Minecraft social experiment

    Open unmonitored unmoderated vanilla minecraft server. rack.center:25565
  4. J

    SOLVED can't find where MINEOS is located and where I can access the inventory

    Hello! Im kinda new to FREENAS and I am using the version FreeNAS-11.2-BETA2 Yesterday I downloaded MINEOS and created a server, I could not find the button to add storage to the jail so I just started the server. Everything went fine and several players were online. I needed to add some stuff...
  5. V

    SOLVED Trouble updating mineOs

    Yes I have tried this guide - https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/freenas-9-plugin-mineos.20122/page-22#post-300032 (I am new to FreeNAS) I have tried multiple times to install and update mineOs and each time I am trying to update the plugin refuses to update at this step - pkg install...
  6. Lyoko630

    SOLVED Help setting up modded minecraft server?

    I have recently built a NAS with the intent to run a modded minecraft server off of it as well as have storage for my family. Storage problem? Solved Minecraft problem? Headache inducing. I have been trying to get a server running for 2 weeks with no success whatsoever. Actually, I got a...
  7. M

    Security and Minecraft

    Hello - Can I set up a Minecraft server on my FreeNAS on a separate network segment so to protect files from hackers? I've been using a FreeNAS server for over a year now just to back up files on a few devices at home. Ideally, I'd like to set up a Minecraft server so my son can play with his...