1. A

    Que comprar?

    Que recomendáis comprar para montar un equipo nas con una caja en formato micro-atx o mini itx y que se va a utilizar básicamente como una nube física de archivos. Es decir, no se va a utilizar como biblioteca multimedia tipo plex ni nada por le estilo.
  2. ajeje_brazo

    Compact freenas build

    -chassis: iw-ms08 (400$ including a 500W PSU) -MB: X11SSH-TF-O (330$ uATX, 10Gbe X550, 8 SATA 3, Xeon E3-1200 v6/v5 or 7th/6th Gen i3, 64GB Unbuffered ECC) -CPU: Xeon E3-1220 V6 (200$, 3GHz Quad-Core) -HDD: WD red 3T (x8) [from previous build] -RAM: 32 GB (300$, M378A2K43BB1-CPB Samsung 16GB...
  3. muffinMan

    Anyone using Fractal Design "Define Mini" case for micro-ATX?

    I'm looking for a tower enclosure for my first build with a Supermicro X11SSM (micro-ATX). Where I want to put the NAS (against a wall), makes the Fractal Design Node 804 a bit too bulky. I'm looking at the Define R6, which almost seems like overkill because I'm not looking to utilize any...
  4. J

    Looking for a suitable Micro-ATX case

    Hi everyone! Yet another post from a total newbie, both on assembling hardware and on FreeNAS (but not on FreeBSD nor ZFS), looking for advice on building his first FreeNAS box, mostly centering around finding a suitable case. I've come to settle on Supermicro's X11SSH-TF board, which is...