memory error

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    Freenas memory problem

    Hi there, i have some problem with my freenas server. iam running 32 gb of ram, but the zfs cache is using nearly nothing of it. And as far i could read online it should be the other way. i run on the same server 2 plugins (syncthing and emby) and 2 vms with (1 x 2gb ram and 1 x 4 gb ram)...
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    Memory issues with fine running FreeNAS machine. Help!

    I've been running a freenas box for the past 12 months, but over the last 2 months, the system has been acting strange. It randomly stops responding, shuts down the plex plugin and has just been a nightmare. I've been researching the symptoms and all things hint to the swap memory usage being...
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    Freenas installer causing Kernel panic

    Recently I acquired a different motherboard that offered my more Memory channels (the Acer ipimb-ar with BIOS version P01-A1)(i3-2120 with one (eventually two) stick of 4 Gb DDR3 1333MHz RAM and an Intel D33682 NIC installed) and I had to replace my OS drive (SSD) with a new one. When I insert...