lsi 9207-8i

  1. S

    Drive spindown (DS3) through LSI firmwares 9207-8i / 9211-8i possible or not?

    Hi Im in the middle of a build, which has been a long story, which I'd rather not go in too much detail with here (it upsets my blood pressure :) ) - unless there's a real need for it. Roughly put, I have an ESX build, and a IBM M5015 raid card. After much time invested, and in the end...
  2. F

    LSI HBA Firmware vs Driver Version

    LSI SAS 9207-8i IT Mode LSI00301 Info: Should I update the firmware version at all? From what I have gathered by reading through forum posts is that if I see "mps" I am in luck as my LSI HBA card is definitely flashed to IT Mode. I am currently troubleshooting slow raid-z2 SMB read speeds...
  3. T

    SOLVED nForce 680i board will not boot with HP H220 (LSI 9207-8i) HBA

    I just wanted to document in case someone else tries to use an HP H220 with nForce 680i board. After cross flashing HP H220 to LSI 9207-8i, the card would not detect any drives and would hang on a blank screen after the HBA finished its boot. I could not access motherboard BIOS or boot to USB. I...
  4. Wizman87

    Updating H310 Firmware

    Hello there, I have a Dell H310 raid adapter that I want to use for a RAID1 array (two Intel DC S3700 SSDs) and would like to update its IR firmware to the latest version. Does anyone have any suggestions or resources on how to do that? I have only been able to find "cross-flash to IT" guides...
  5. Eds89

    Current recommendations on 9207-8i firmware version

    Hi All, Is there a current recommendation on firmware version to use on an LSI 9207-8i, for the latest builds of FreeNAS? Is P20 ok, I should I be rolling back to P16? Cheers Eds
  6. Eds89

    Validation on intended setup

    Hi, Hoping some of you guys might be able to validate my intended deployment of a virtual FreeNAS box/Plex server for home use. My intention is to have a one box does all kind of approach, with ESXi running on bare metal, hosting several VMs; FreeNAS for ESXi/SMB storage pFsense router Domain...
  7. L

    LSI (Avago) 9207-8i with Seagate 10TB Enterprise (ST10000NM0016)

    Hi, I have issues after replacing WD disks with the Seagate ST10000NM0016 ones in my FreeNAS 11.0-U4 system. The geometry (RAIDZ2 with 8 disks) hasn't changed, I simply replaced the disks with the newer ones. Ever since then, I get periodically errors like (da6:mps2:0:45:0): SYNCHRONIZE...