1. S

    SOLVED Pool Locked / Pool state is UNKNOWN after power failure

    Currently using 11.2-U5. I am having issues with one of my pools named "Volume2". There was a power failure and the system had shut down inadvertently. Upon restart, the first pool (Volume1) works fine but only one disk on the on the second pool (Volume2) is detecting on the Dashboard which is...
  2. S

    Swap install on usb boot drives

    Power glitch degraded both mirrored usb boot drives. Still working but want to try and resolve before it dies completely. I have a few other usb drive for testing. Installed freenas 11.1U6 onto a new usb drive (what is running on current usb), inserted into system as sole usb drive, system...
  3. E

    FreeNAS 11 и блокировка открытых файлов

    Всем привет. Имеем FreeNAS-11.0-U4 как виртуальную машинку в Hyper-V. Программный RAID-10 на 4 винтах по 1 Тб каждый и под FreeNAS отдано 1,3 Тб., FreeNAS введён в AD, поднято файловое хранилище на нём, пользователи подтягиваются с AD, все хорошо, но с самого начала проблема такая - когда...
  4. babblo

    Locked volume snapshot errors

    Hi, I have a certain volume with sensitive information witch most of the time is locked and unlocked as needed, also has periodic snapshot enabled. The problem i'm having with this setup is about FreeNAS sending me a lot of emails saying he can't make the snapshot because the volume does not...