1. R

    New to NAS. Help needed

    Hi all!! So i'll try to make this specific as possible. I'm a videographer & editor. I also run a small organisation where we create content. I've reached the point where storage is becoming an issue so one of the solutions i've been looking at is building a NAS running FreeNas. In terms...
  2. T

    Inwin MS-04 case

    I'm completely new to freenas and to building a NAS. I have a tight space restriction and found this case which size wise is perfect for an ITX build with a requirement for 4 drives. Is there anything ayone can see that is wrong with this case...
  3. M

    Qual der Wahl... Welches Board?

    Hallo Forum, ich möchte mir ein NAS zusammenbauen und habe 2 Boards zur Auswahl, bin aber unsicher welches ich nehmen sollte. 1. ASRock J3160-ITX oder alternativ 2. Asrock QC 5000 itx Zunächst soll nur Freenas mit Plugins darauf laufen...später evtl. mal auch was anderes (Server, Mediaplayer...
  4. Muzza

    Compact ITX build with 10+ Hotswap 3.5" Drives

    I thought I would share my latest server build for folks looking for a relatively small server case that could accommodate at least 10 3.5" drives. My requirements required hot swappable bays accessible from the front. (I like blinking lights :) After extensive searching and comparing cases, I...