io failure

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    IO failures but smart test is OK?

    Hey guys, I have zoneminder recording videos to a pool called "cams" on a single hard drive (strip). It all starts with this warning: New alerts: * New feature flags are available for volume cams. Refer to the "Upgrading a ZFS Pool" subsection in the User Guide "Installing and Upgrading"...
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    System freezes occasionally. I/O error on SATA DOM?

    System specs: Build: FreeNAS-11.1-U4 Platform: Intel Xeon CPU D-1541 @ 2.1GHz RAM: 32627 MB Disks: 1 x SuperMicro 128 GB SATA DOM (boot and system) 2 x Seagate 10GB SATA HDDs (RAID1) 1 x 5100 PRO M.2 480GB SATA (for read cache) Problems started happening to me last month. I discovered my...
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    Asrock C2750D4I Mini itx motherboard issues

    Hello guys, I built a mini media server using the Asrock C2750D4I Mini itx motherboard. It's been working a treat up until recently, all of a sudden it wouldn't boot up properly. I plugged it into a monitor and it won't display anything. I plugged a keyboard into it and it won't light up. The...