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  1. MemeticsIreland

    Virtualization and FreeNAS Mini

    Does FreeNAS Mini - Network Attached Storage (Diskless) support virtualization (VMs)? I would like to run one VM using FreeNAS and need to make sure FreeNAS Mini - Network Attached Storage (Diskless) meets the bhyve hardware requirements. I have previously tried to run VMs unsuccessfully...
  2. 5star

    HP ProLiant ML10 Gen9

    I got into FreeNAS with enthusiast hardware because I didn't think it mattered. Then I put a bunch of data that I care about onto it. Then I read the guide from @cyberjock and learned a lot. I have a pretty decked out 30GB RAM (non-ecc) i7 x58 build that I now think is going to need to go to...
  3. U

    Building First FreeNAS Server, Will This FreeNAS :)

    I was looking at building one, but then I saw used servers look like really good value. I'm looking at buying an HP Proliant ML330 G6 - 1 x E5506 QC 2.16GHz 18GB RAM Then adding 2 4TB NAS drives in mirror to start with. Do you think it will work?
  4. T

    SOLVED H200 not working after flash

    Hi there, I have just bought my first server, HP Proliant DL 160 with 24GB RAM and 8TB SATA hdds (4 x 2TB) with a DELL H200 SAS PCIe Card. Since I have read that H200 needs to be flashed to IT mode I have followed this guide for flashing the firmware. After doing that when I start the server I...
  5. Isuress

    Recommended HBA to use for x2 HP StorageWorks MSA60, 28 HDDs, with a HP DL320G6 for FreeNAS 9.10?

    TL;DR - What HBA would you suggest for a HP DL320G6 that will be running FreeNAS 9.10, connected to x2 MSA60s, with x12 1TB drives (24 total), with room to expand to 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB drives in the future as well as adding potentially a 3rd and 4th MSA60? - - - - - I don't have that much...
  6. Isuress

    Help resolving: HP StorageWorks MSA60 + P411 HBA = FreeNAS. (HP CLI Shell and commands)

    TL;DR - I have a Smart Array P411 that I want to change to HBA mode so that I can use a MSA60 DAS for my potential FreeNAS box. How do I get to the HP UEFI Shell and what commands do I have to use? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - Hello there...
  7. R

    No Configured Interfaces Were Found

    Hello.... I'm already installed the FreeNAS on my HP Proliant ML110 Gen9, but after boot, they show me "no configured interfaces were found". Can anyone help me about this? Tks.
  8. R

    Configuração de Rede

    Bom dia, Efetuei a instalação do FreeNAS em meu HP Proliant ML110 Gen9 e ele não consegue encontrar as interfaces de rede. Alguém já passou por isso para dar um apoio?