1. S

    FreeNAS hosting Mac home directories on Active Directory

    Hi all, thanks for all the information posted in this forum so far, it has been invaluable. I currently have our FreeNAS box serving SMB shares to a set of Macs (mostly Mojave), which are bound to a Windows Server 2019 Active Directory. I would like to have the users' home directories (Library...
  2. pessimist101

    First build - 16TB FreeNAS build

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to turn my old build into a NAS using FreeNAS. I've done some research but I'm doing this on a budget so I would appreciate any feedback. It will just be used for general storage - photos, documents, etc. and only 1-3 concurrent users. Parts I've already got are as...
  3. dramic

    Assistance Requested in Building My First FreeNAS

    Greetings FreeNAS community, Let me preface my thread by saying that the goal is to learn as much as I can to intelligently select and purchase parts for my first FreeNAS system at home. I have read through the supported hardware documentation, but honestly decrypting that info and selecting...
  4. F

    Time Machine Backups via AFP to home share

    Hi all, I've been trying to setup a FreeNAS 11 system to serve as a Time Machine server for multiple users/clients. All the forum threads that I've read have people either creating separate zfs targets for each user/client or creating 1 share and granting all users access to see it. Neither of...