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    FreeNAS drives not showing up.

    I have a supermicro server that has two HBA controllers. It has 6 drives, two with 3TB, two 164GB and 2 1TB HDDs. Initially I was having trouble with getting the drives to show up but after using ctrl-c, I was able to enable the cards and see the hard drives connected. I installed FreeNas 11...
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    Booting in EFI blind mode - How to remove the request to press a any key to continue

    Hi everyone, I'm new to FreeNAS. Here is my setup. I have an old WD Sentinel DX4000. I decided that it was time to use FreeNAS instead of the windows server edition. The DX4000 does NOT have a monitor output. Which is not a problem since I was able to locate a serial port on the...
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    Updating headless server

    I have a server that I've set up out of a Dell xps tower that I intended to be headless, but I obviously used a monitor and keyboard to set it up. Since then, the power has gone out several times and I've had to connect the monitor and keyboard again to select normal boot up. I'm about to take...