1. K

    Smartd does not start on H730P - empty smartd.conf

    Hello. On my Dell server I have PERC H730P Adapter switch to HBA. The smartd fails to start at boot and manually. /usr/local/etc/smartd.conf is empty I try turn off smart to da5 or add -d removable to S.M.A.R.T. extra options: - smartd fails to start. Try this on FreeNAS-11.1-U5 and current test...
  2. NadoNate

    Smartd won't start on T630 using H730 PERC

    Hi, I'm having an issue getting the SMART service to start on a new build. SPECS: Dell PowerEdge T630 - BIOS 2.7.1 CPU - Xeon E5-2680 (2) Memory - 64GB ECC SAS - PERC H730 HBA Mode - Firmware 4.270.00-8178 Pool - 1 Z3 9 drives FreeNas Version - 11.1-U4 Issue: When I try to enable the SMART...