1. Jimzamjimmyy

    Lower than expected/bursty performance

    Hello! Thanks for reading my post! I have been experimenting with freenas for a year now and this is still my first system. My issue is that really anything I move to my pool doesn't fully saturate even my 1gb ethernet link. I'm using SMB. Iperf test looks like everything is fine (around...
  2. N

    R710 Build- My first NAS

    Hi all. I am looking to build a machine based on a Dell R710 server. I am new to all this and not IT professional. INTENDED USE: Home sharring of files. Photos, video, documents. I would like to locate iTunes music library and backups as well. I would like to start with 4TB of storage and...
  3. horizonbrave

    what cable for a H310 RAID card on a Dell R710?

    Hi, I just ordered on ebay a H310 card for my R710 so that I can flash into IT mode so that I can let freenas play nicely with my drives and overcome the 2TB limitation. I don't have experience at all with backplanes, SAS connection and basic server related hardware.. so I wonder if someone...