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    SOLVED Unable to GPT format the disk "da1": gpart: Input/output error

    I am having some issues with my ESX R710/H200e/MD1200 config. I have passed through the H200e to the VM in ESX. I followed the flashing guide for flashing the H200e to IT mode. (Took 3 computers to finally get the flash successful) When I try to create a volume I get the following error...
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    Home Build - 2nd Hand parts 12 Disk, Best practice

    Hey everyone, I've used a bit of freenas before, though now I am looking at setting up a dedicated solution for home, Can anyone tell me if I am missing anything, everything listed is either in my hands or in the mail. Happy to purchase more equipment if required. Parts Purchased Dell R510 II...
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    CAM status: SCSI status error - what does it means?

    So I've managed to get past my previous problems and keep working forward towards finally getting my FreeNAS build up and running. I'm finally to drive testing. So far I've run a short, conveyance and long test on all my drives as per...
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    X11SSH-LN4F build advice.

    Hi All, First post so go easy! :) After tinkering with FreeNAS as an iSCSI target for my ESXi lab with whatever hardware i found laying around, i'm making the leap and building a purpose built server. Whilst the intended use is primarily for ESX (iSCSI) i would like another pool for an...