1. H

    Will It FreeNAS with Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

    Hi All, I am pretty new to FreeNAS and NAS in general. I am thinking of building a FreeNAS instead of buying. I am considering of buying a used a machine. I came across a few. Below is the config for the ones i am thinking of buying. It will be around 100-150 euros. First machine:- Gigabyte...
  2. D

    Gigabit connection stopped working after upgrading from FreeNAS 9.10 to 11.1

    I upgraded from FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6 to 11.1-U4 just under a month ago. After that, I started experiencing bandwidth issues when streaming from a PLEX media server, and file transfers started taking an unusually long time. I did a speed test with iperf, and found that I was only getting around 94...
  3. caltech

    6 GIG and Direct Connections, Network Through

    So I am building a FreeNAS box for a contract job with the primary usage being a file-sharing and video edit storage machine. The plan is to have an Intel Quad Gig Nic that will be solely for direct connections to the two trashcan mac pros the editors are using. The MoBo port will be for...
  4. D

    Gigabit Speed Halves when Transmitting and Receiving Simultaneously on Same NIC

    So yeah, I'm not entirely sure what the issue here is. I can transfer at ~110MB/s and then receive at ~110MB/s but the moment I try to transfer and receive simultaneously, my rate drops down to ~55MB/s each way over SMB. This also occurs when one client is transmitting and a different one is...
  5. Maagze

    Transmisión lenta de 1mb/s

    Hola buenas tardes, soy nuevo en esto de las NAS y FreeNAS Resulta que tengo una Dell Optiplex 990 que la estoy usando para montar la NAS, según la página de Dell ( el mother tiene un puerto ethernet gigabit. La red la tengo armada con un router...
  6. friolator

    How to use 1Gb network for some machines, 40Gb for others

    This is probably a basic networking question, but I'm finding myself kind of lost in the admin interface, and the manual isn't really addressing this as far as I can tell. I couldn't find anything in the forum either, but I may not be searching for it correctly... What we have is a 1Gb network...