ftp permissions

  1. G

    Not able to Set SMB or FTP share Untill add user to Wheel Group

    I am using FreeNAS (11.2) from last 2 week Now i am Using 11.3 Beta 1 , When i try to share a folder on SMB with another user it always give me error contact administrator but every time i add that user to wheel group he can login, I try to create a primary group and add him and my admin...
  2. siddumaheshwari

    FTP login showing all files

    Hi i have set up freenas for ftp. when the user logs in he cansee the complete files instead of just the ftp folder. please advise where is the setting to curtail the user to only see a certain folder. thanks
  3. G

    Set up FTP on FreeNAS Corral

    How set up FTP access to new dataset on FreeNAS Corral. Only access for this dataset.
  4. A

    can't access using ftp

    I already manage to make share cifs and can enter that folder without any problem. but now i try to access using ftp using windows explore " ftp://<ip address>:<port number> " i already follow the tutorial on youtube i check local login and always chroot, but i cant enter using my FreeNAS user...
  5. B

    Two FTP users to one folder (read+write, only read)

    Hello! I have FreeNAS system FreeNAS-9.10.1 and very happy. I have FTP server and it works well: ftp user: ftp-user1 with primary group ftp ftp folder with permissions: ftp-user1:ftp (chown 770) Now I need to make one more FTP user to same ftp folder but only for reading files. How I can do...