freenas 11.1 u5

  1. A

    How to tell if import disk is still running?

    Hi all, So I've been running a single-disk FreeNAS 9.x server for years and decided to build out a new NAS and migrate the data. After a lot of reading, I decided - for better or worse - that I'd pull the drive from the 9.x system, plug it into the new 11.1 system, run Import Disk from the GUI...
  2. M

    Hi, from Melbourne, Australia!!

    Hi, My name is Mujahid. I'm a Linux engineer who used to work a lot with CENTOS. I've recently started to work with FreeBSD because of FreeNAS and pfSense. I've been using FreeNAS since version 9.3. I first tried it back when it was on version 7. I mostly use FreeNAS in a home based production...
  3. Kennyvb8

    SOLVED iocage activate "pool" 3 places somehow

    Hello was doing a zfs snapshot etc. because i was installing 2xSSD i wanted to run iocage from. i then did zfs send/recv to data pool "Md0/backup" somehow iocage activated it selv there even tho i used -u not to mount. then i set iocage to SSD0 "sudo iocage activate SSD0" and now i it mounts 3...
  4. Kennyvb8

    VLAN - explain please on how to do it.

    Hello i got a managed switch from ubiquity managed switch 150w-8port and edgerouter x. along ofc freenas on the freenas i got lagg0 (LACP) running. i would like to have the iocage servers on seperate vlan and the VM on same network as my main in static routes i wrote: - LAN...
  5. Kennyvb8

    SMB share - macOS - timemachine

    Hello i dont know where else to ask for help! i would like to share smb to macOS. it works wonders. altho i would like to timemachine (backup) to smb aswell i can connect just fine to the shares, but smb/macOS doesnt prompt me for username and password, when adding the share to timemachine. it...